Early Morning Walk


Today I was doing one of my sons a favor and giving him a ride to an appointment. He needed to be picked up by 8AM, so I decided to get up early and attempt to take some sunrise photos at a nearby forest preserve. I arrived at Blackhawk Spring Forest Preserve a little after 7AM, (7:17 was official sunrise today).Image

The local geese were just starting out their day and didn’t seem to mind me taking a few photos. Although getting the correct settings on my camera were a little trickier than I thought it would be. Let’s just say I have more than a few dark images.

Landscape photos are what I like to focus on, but since the locals were active I gave it a shot. I just missed some shots of two geese coming in for a landing. Shooting moving birds is more difficult that it looks; they came out very blurry and were unusable.Image

On my way back to the car there were two deer jumping through the deeper snow near the entrance and of course I had the wrong lens on my camera to get a good shot of them. All in all it was a fun little outing with lots of learning on my part. I forgot how peaceful it can be seeing wild animals in their natural habitats. I will have to bring the boys out here and see if they enjoy it as much as I do.

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