Sunday Night in Byron


Last night I had an opportunity to take some photos of a sunset and a full moon rising. Both of which were happening within about twenty minutes of each other.  I had done some scouting ahead earlier in the day in hopes of finding a good location for both situations. I chose Jarrett Prairie Nature Preserve in Byron Illinois.Image

Although winter is still hanging on for dear life here in northern Illinois, this location was good choice mainly due to the rather large hill that it sits on.  It was a wonder to see the effects of the sun light on the dead grasses and other prairie vegetation. Here are some of the things that I saw when I arrived.Image


It was a clear night, and very cold. It was 20 degrees and breezy before the sun went down. All in all it was a good learning experience for me. I tried shots with many combinations of white balance, aperture, and ISO settings. I guess I never really watched a sunset before. I was amazed at how fast the sun actually moves in the last few minutes for daylight. There were next to no clouds in the sky, so it was a little uneventful color wise. I did make the best of my opportunity though (well at least until the moon came up).Image

ImageImageImageImageImageI had about ten minutes to move my setup before the moon was due to rise. I also hopped in the car for a couple minutes to warm up a bit. The moon proved to be a more difficult trial for me. I tried to take some shots with the same settings I had used on a previous occasion, but they were no help to me as the moon doesn’t quite have the same amount of light reflecting off of it as it is first coming over the horizon. As you can probably guess by the time I got my camera settings figured out the moon had already moved up into the night sky quite a bit. I will just have to take my lumps on this part of my outing and try again next time.Image

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