Out of the Gloom

3-29-2014_Blackhawk Springs FP (79)_PPThe last few days have been very gloomy and overcast with some light rain. When I went to bed last night I had thought it was going to be more of the same for today. To my surprise this morning was a clear sky. Some clouds did roll through for a little while though. So, I decided to venture out and explore more of the Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve.

As I was getting my gear ready one of my boys came into the room and asked what I was up to. After I told him my plan his response was: “Illinois is an ugly state. Are you ever going to move somewhere that would allow you to take more interesting photos?” After trying to tell him that Illinois was definitely not an ugly state I gave up using words and decided that over the next few months I would indeed show him Illinois is a beautiful state.

I live about twenty minutes from the Forest Preserve. During my drive I thought out what my intentions for the outing would be. My main focus was going to be on composition and working the landscape (different approaches to the subject). I also wanted to try some black and white photographs since it was very cloudy at the start of my adventure.

The clouds really didn’t stick around much and it ended up being fairly nice, around 44 degrees. I walked roughly 2 miles around the park today between the bike path and some of the hiking trails. I even managed to get some wild life photos today. The local birds were nice to me and moved slow enough for me to get a few photos.

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