Want Some Clouds?

Want Some Clouds?

It finally has warmed up some here in northern IL. Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided to check out another forest preserve that I had never been to before. I decided to go to Oak Ridge Forest Preserve in Cherry Valley IL. There is a large amount of prairie restoration in this park which I’m really looking forward to seeing later in the summer when the wild flowers bloom. The park is much larger than I had anticipated; I only manage to get through about half of it yesterday. They also have some trails that lead to three other forest preserves, two of which I have not been to before. This is a beautiful park with a great forest, some marsh land, and a small savannah. For those of you that live near this area I highly recommend visiting Oak Ridge Forest Preserve. They have riding trails for horses here also. I will be returning to this forest preserve again tomorrow weather permitting.

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2 Responses to Want Some Clouds?

  1. Truels says:

    Beautiful! And nice contrast to the trees and color of the grass.


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