Thank You

Once again I want to thank Leanne Cole and Laura Macky for sharing my photo in their weekly Monochrome Madness Challenge. I am new to the blogging world. I started posting my photos on this blog in January of this year. The image from that challenge is by a wide margin my most viewed photo to date. Today I would like to share some more photos that were from the same outing, and a couple that I also considered as entries for last week’s challenge.3-29-2014_Blackhawk Springs FP (34)_BW_PP

This Image Is of the same tree from the challenge and also gave me the inspiration for the name of the photo. Something about this tree just drew my eyes to it. I spent a lot of time admiring the tree before I took a few photos of it from several angles.3-29-2014_Blackhawk Springs FP (59)_PP

The day that I took these photos was one of the first semi-warm days of the spring. There was still snow on many of the trails where the sunlight had not reached it. The Blackhawk Spring Forest Preserve is known for having a natural spring that flows into the Kishwaukee River. That was what attracted me to this location.3-29-2014_Blackhawk Springs FP (47)_PPHere are some more photos from the day. Hope you enjoy them.

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