Off the Path: What Do You Want?

4-19-2014_Oak Ridge Forest Preserve (40)This past Saturday I had a couple hours of free time before I had to go to work. I came upon a unique tree that was just on the edge of the hiking trail. I made my way into the brush in order to get a good shot of this tree. I had gone down a small hill and was minding my own business. When I turned around just to check out my surroundings I saw this guy just looking at me.4-19-2014_Oak Ridge Forest Preserve (33)

I was a little excited mostly due to the fact that this goose put up absolutely no fuss and I was only about 20 feet away from him. I took several photos of him and decided that I would look around a little more; after all he did look kind of like he might be standing guard.

I made my around some trees doing my best not to aggravate the goose. As I came to an opening in the brush at the edge of the river I got a glimpse of what the goose had been guarding. His mate was down in the water swimming around about 5 feet of the bank. I think that they must have had a nest in the area.4-19-2014_Oak Ridge Forest Preserve (39)

It was a nice surprise to get a close up encounter with these geese. In any of my past encounters with these animals they usually honk a bunch and open up the wings in a threatening manner. I’m not sure why they didn’t mind me being there but it was nice. The next time I go here I will check this spot again and see if my friends are home.


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