Blue Sky?

4-29-2014_StormClouds (10)                                             shutter speed = 1/500 sec

This week has been gloomy and rainy every day. I just happened to see a hint of sunlight out my window around dinner time on Tuesday so I decided to go out and see for myself what was happening. I live on a dead end street that is next to a corn field that is behind a grade school. These clouds were amazing and looked almost angry.

This gave me a great opportunity to work on my aperture and shutter speed settings. I took several photos of these clouds. I did edit the first image in Photoshop a little to bring out the colors in the clouds better, but I have decided to include some of the other images so that you can see the difference in the shutter speeds.4-29-2014_StormClouds (5)                                              shutter speed = 1/80 sec

4-29-2014_StormClouds (9)                                              shutter speed = 1/1000 sec

4-29-2014_StormClouds (11)                                               shutter speed = 1/250 sec

As you can clearly see the shutter speed made a big difference in the way that this photo turned out. All in all it was a good experience and I learned a lot. Now if only the sun would come out for more than a few minutes at a time. =)


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One Response to Blue Sky?

  1. alifemoment says:

    Well, It’s not really blue 🙂


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