Old Barn

Old Barn

I was drawn to this old barn that is near the entrance to Deer Run Forest Preserve. Perhaps they should have made this barn from bricks also 🙂

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5 Responses to Old Barn

  1. I love these grassy shots!!


  2. sjoycarlson says:

    From Wisconsin, living in Singapore for a bit. Looking at your pictures makes me homesick! I love taking pictures of barns, especially ones that are starting to decay or the red paint is peeling off….. Can’t wait to see more pics!


    • James Keegan says:

      I only live about 30 min from the Wisconsin border. A couple of the photos I have posted are from the Dells. I like the old barns too.


      • sjoycarlson says:

        Oh, I going on a hunt then, see if I can find them! I think I”m going to start posting my Wisconsin pics in a category on my page 🙂 Since I’m feeling barn inspired, perhaps I’ll post one of those today 🙂


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