The Forest Has Many Eyes

5-18-2014_RockCutSP (56)Today I decided to try something different. There are 4 photos here, but I did not include them in a gallery so that you have to click in from the reader to see them. 😉 Enjoy!

During my 7 mile walk last Saturday I couldn’t help but feel like I was being watched. Rock Cut State Park is just over 3000 acres of land, so I guess it wouldn’t be a huge shock to find some wildlife here. 🙂 As it so happens I happened to catch a few spectators to my hike.

5-18-2014_RockCutSP (69)

There were a lot of chipmunks about, but I did come across a couple that were very interested in what I was doing. One of them even decided to grab a snack as he/she watched me pass through.

5-18-2014_RockCutSP (103)Later in my walk I was passing by a small inlet from the lake and I noticed 5 painted turtles sitting on a fallen tree sunning themselves. When I stopped and raised the camera they all dove into the water. As I watched them disperse one stuck it’s head up out of the water for a second. Then I noticed that there was a 6th turtle that was too brave to be bothered by my presence.

5-18-2014_RockCutSP (137)These are just some of the friendly creatures I saw on my walk. I have quite a few shots of birds and water fowl as well. I will be posting some of those photos tomorrow.

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3 Responses to The Forest Has Many Eyes

  1. lauramacky says:

    Thanks for the walk in the woods 🙂


  2. love the little critters!!


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