Willow Creek

JamesKeegan_MMC_week13This is my week 13 submission to the  Monochrome Madness Challenge hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky. I took this photo of Willow Creek while I was at Rock Cut State Park in Loves Park Illinois. I really liked the way the sunlight looked coming through the opening in the forest canopy. Take a moment to look at all the entries for this week later today at Leanne’s blog .

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9 Responses to Willow Creek

  1. lauramacky says:

    Nice light 🙂


  2. Great shot James, it looks so peacefull 🙂


  3. quarksire says:

    wunderful 🙂


  4. Mike Powell says:

    I love the way that you were able to capture such a wide range of tones in your shot as you explored the interplay of light and shadows in the scene.


  5. what a beautiful effect. I love the light shining through!!


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