Jonesing for a Walk

Old barn

The old barn now being overrun by vegetation

It had been well over a week since I had been out to any of the local forests. The first full day after my camping trip with my dad I found myself wanting to get back out. Lucky for me it was my wife’s night to work, so I made some food for the kids and off I went.

My plan had been to go for a short walk (a mile or two), then settle in a good spot and take some sunset shots. It had rained a bit while I was gone and the mosquitoes had gotten a little worse. I didn’t let this bother me a lot, but I did stay out of the heavier forested parts of Deer Run Forest Preserve.

Deer in Prairie GrassIt was all of about 20 minutes into my walk before I got my first glimpse of wildlife other than birds. As I was coming out of a small area of pine forest I spotted a deer grazing out in the prairie grass. It wasn’t more than a few seconds before the deer spotted me also. Interestingly the deer only ran a short distance before it turned to see what I was doing. 6-5-2014_DeerRunFP (17)

I took my time moving slowly and just watched it. The third time the deer stopped it actually turned and took a few steps back towards me to watch me. Then  it made some noises to what I can only assume were friends in the tree line before it bounded off. I had already taken a few photos of it, so I just watched curious to see what it would do.

wildflowerThe walk was nice and the wild flowers and prairie grasses are well on their way. Some of the vegetation is already about 4 feet tall.  I took some close-ups of some flowers also. I did try to identify them, but it is not as easy as I thought it would be.

6-5-2014_DeerRunFP (60)_monoI settled down in a corner where the prairie land met up with the deep forest to take my sunset shots. I should have know when I saw the deer early in my outing that I was going to be overrun with clouds just before sunset. However I did get some interesting photos, and the clouds split a little bit as I was walking back to my car.

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5 Responses to Jonesing for a Walk

  1. Where were these taken if you do not mind me asking?


  2. glorious all!! especially the two of the sky!!


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