Kishwaukee Gorge

061514_KishwaukeeGorge_006Over the weekend I visited Kishwaukee Gorge (North) Forest Preserve in Cherry Valley Illinois. Early Saturday morning I was greeted by a young fox running right down the entrance road. I took this as a sign letting me know that I was indeed going to get some great photographs. Once again this is a forest preserve that I had previously never been to. Shame on me! Kishwaukee Gorge is smaller than the other forest preserves that I have been frequenting in the Cherry Valley area. Kishwaukee Gorge (North) is about 128 acres and has approximately 2 miles of hiking trails.

061514_KishwaukeeGorge_038Hidden in this small forest is gorge that seems to split the rocks beneath the fertile soil on a steep decline down to the Kishwaukee River. The Winnebago County Forest Preserve District has taken the time to build and maintain a stairway so that visitors can easily make it to the bottom. The stairway also has a couple of stopping points on it for photo opportunities.

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