Mulford Road Sunset

The other night I was driving down Mulford road on my way home from work and I saw this large puddle in a cornfield. I pulled my car over road and grabbed my camera bag to take a few photographs. I was hoping the sunset would be one of those magnificent colored events. Well it wasn’t all that great, but what I had intended to do with the puddle did work out for me.

Sunset Mulford Road
A couple of nights before I had been driving down this very road when I caught what was left of the daylight and moonlight from the moon glowing (a day or two after the full moon) in this puddle of water. I had only seen it for a brief moment, and I think it took a minute for my brain to realize what it was that I had seen. But I had been so tired I kept going. I hope someday to see that kind of glow in a puddle again. I just can’t get it out of my head that I should have stopped that night.

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