Killbuck Bluffs Stairway

Due to a combination of my busy week and the large amount of rain that we had here I didn’t have a photograph suitable for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge. I did however get a chance to go out last night for a short adventure at a new location. I spent about an hour at another small forest preserve near where I live, Killbuck Bluffs Forest Preserve in Rockford Illinois.

Killbuck Bluffs StairwayIt was very cloudy last night with some hints of more rain to come and with the denseness of the forest at Killbuck Bluffs it wasn’t an ideal evening for a photo-shoot. There are a couple of large stairways made from stone and one of the shelter houses was also made from stone blocks. The photograph above is one of the stone stairways I mentioned.

It was fairly dark when I took this shot. I had my camera low to the ground on a tripod and the LCD screen was completely black. I set the ISO to 1600 and just aimed for the light spot at the top of the stairs. I’m pretty happy with the results of the shot, although I did do a slight crop.

For all of you that may have been expecting to see a monochrome shot today I have also included the B&W version of the stairway. Monochrome Madness Challenge is hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky. You can view all of the entries later today on Leanne’s blog. Take a some time to check them all out. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. I will indeed have an entry for next week!

Killbuck Bluffs Stairway Monochrome


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2 Responses to Killbuck Bluffs Stairway

  1. beautiful in both colour and mono! I love the mystery of where the steps lead!!!


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