Severson Dells Dolomite Cliffs

Severson Dells Dolomite CliffsYesterday I went to check out yet another one of Winnebago County’s forest preserves. Severson Dells Forest Preserve is about 370 and includes Nature Center that sponsors educational programs and events. I had planned on spending several hours here until I realized my camera battery was about dead.

I did manage to get a few good shots before my mistake caught up with me. This is the second time that I’ve forgotten to charge up my battery in the last couple weeks. As a result I am currently looking into an additional battery as well as a mobile charger (just in case).

As for Severson Dells, I was impressed with the small part of it that I did explore. It is a must for me to return here as soon as possible. It was only about 30 minutes from where I live. I also believe that several other trips will be made here at other times of the year. The dolomite cliffs are an interesting subject matter.


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One Response to Severson Dells Dolomite Cliffs

  1. beautiful setting!! Yes I splurged and bought a second rechargeable battery!! One time I forgot to pack it lol!!!


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