Late June Wildflowers Part 1

WildflowersAs I mentioned in my post on Monday, I took a lot of photographs of wildflowers during my last visit to Deer Run Forest Preserve. It was an overcast sky at the outset of the walk making it a good time to shoot close ups of the flowers. Some of the flowers that I saw were: Narrowleaf Vervain, Common Milkweed and Black-eyed Susan. There were some others but I’m saving them for part two.

Black-eyed Susan UndersideI had a great walk on Monday. The only thing that took away from it was the mosquitos. I had taken precautions but the little pests didn’t seem to be bothered by it. This kept me out of the forest parts of the preserve along with the muddy conditions from all the rain the last week or so.

Narrowleaf VervainI’m not sure if I’ve pointed out before that Deer Run Forest Preserve is fairly large (594.8 acres). There is a large amount of prairie restoration land to walk through. Judging from the map that I have I would say it is about 40% prairie restoration. That is an estimate on my part but it is somewhere in that vicinity. It amazes me to think that a majority of the state of Illinois used to be covered in prairie lands. Some of the grasses are taller than I am (6 feet 2 inches).

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