Late June Wildflowers Part 2

Butterfly Milkweed_3As promised here is part 2 of the wildflower photographs from Deer Run Forest Preserve. In this group we have Bristle Thistle, Butterfly Milk Weed, Yellow Coneflower, and an Unkown ( I couldn’t find one). I will be going back to Deer Run soon there were a lot more that had not bloomed yet. One area of the prairie looked like it would be a wash of blue 🙂

Yellow ConeflowerI really enjoy my time at these forest preserves and hope to share many more photographs from them. Who knows maybe some of you that live in or near the area will even go visit them. If any of you happen to know what the last image in the gallery is feel free to leave a comment. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find it, so I was starting to think maybe it isn’t actually a flower.

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2 Responses to Late June Wildflowers Part 2

  1. these are beautiful James. The types and colours are so amazing in their diversity!! I quite love the purple thistle one so effective against the background of thorny leaves and light.


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