Clouds and Fields (2 bonus photos)

Farm Fields with Clouds in the SkyThis photograph of beautiful clouds over some farm fields was taken yesterday afternoon on my way to work. The closest and the other two fields on the right side of the tree line are soy bean fields. The field on the left is corn. It was a near perfect day yesterday temperature wise. The big clouds made the fields look small. The fields are at least five miles across to the horizon. In some places it’s farther where the hills are a little lower elevation.

A Compass PlantAlso as a bonus I thought that I would include the color version of my photograph for Monochrome Madness. The Compass Plant really is over six feet tall. I had to look up to take the close up photograph. I’m also including a landscape shot that has the plant.

Compass Plant at Sunset

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One Response to Clouds and Fields (2 bonus photos)

  1. ahh summer!!!! Gorgeous scenes. I like the flower in colour as well as the mono version! and that purple sky!!!


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