Last night was July 11th 2014 😉 After work I went out to Deer Run Forest Preserve to see if the river had receded yet. The other day the trail that went along the Kishwaukee River was still under water. Although it was a little muddy the river had gone down a lot.

It was a cloudy evening and there was more rain in the forecast. I wanted to take some more photographs of the wild flowers while I was out and I had about two hours of light left. I did get a couple of nice shots of some of the flowers.

Beaver PlayingI also like going to this park during the evening hours because it seems to be the best time to come across the local wildlife. I saw a beaver several great blue herons, the herons flew too fast for me to get good shots.

July 11th SunsetAs I was walking to the car I got a glimpse of what must have been a killer sunset for the people on the other side of the forest. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Seven-Eleven-Twenty-Fourteen

  1. Mike Powell says:

    Wonderful shots. It’s not easy to see (or get shots of) a beaver.


  2. yes wonderful!! What a sunset. And how lucky to catch a beaver!!


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