Funnel Cloud

Funnel CloudLast night on my way home from work I had stopped off to take some pictures of the local farm fields. There was a storm brewing south of my location and I could even hear some rumblings of thunder. As I was getting back into my car I noticed a strange cloud formation in the sky. As I watch the clouds for a few minutes the beginnings of a funnel cloud came into formation. Luckily for our communities the tornado never touched down. I know these are not some of my best photographs but I thought I would share them any way.

Funnel Cloud_2Here Is a closer shot. I had to zoom way in to see what the black specs were. At first I thought my UV filter was dirty. It turned out to be a bunch of crazy birds.

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5 Responses to Funnel Cloud

  1. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on PebbleSkies and commented:
    Nice pics!


  2. At least they were not angry birds 🙂
    Having been in tornado alley – these skies are nothing to take for granted – good shots.


  3. Carrie says:

    Makes me shudder looking at those images, Weather is awesome.


  4. these are fantastic James. Very scary!


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