Grey Catbird

Grey CatbirdIt’s week 26 of Monochrome Madness Challenge put on by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky. I can’t believe it has been half a year already. This week we were asked to try something a little different. Take an image that appears to be black and white at first glance. I think  this image of a Grey Catbird does that, the only real hint of color is the green of the leaves in the background. The bird really is grey and black. 🙂

I have had such a great time participating in MMC. Although I didn’t start participating until week 6 I have been viewing since the beginning and it has been an honor to learn from all of the other contributors. I have decided to include links to all of my past Monochrome Madness Challenge posts today and I hope you all will take some time to view this week’s entries later today on Leanne’s blog (just click the link above).

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Week 17 Did not Participate

Week 18 Fractured Tree

Week 19 Compass Plant

Week 20 Tickseed

Week 21 Take My Picture!

Week 22 Black-eyed Susan in Black and White

Week 23 Common Hairbell

Week 24 Beginnings

Week 25 Barn in Monochrome


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