Whorled Rosinweed With a Visitor

Whorled RosinweedI took  few photographs of these Whorled Rosinweed flowers last Thursday. These flowers are full of pollen at the moment as you can see on the lower one that also has the visitor. There were many insects about feeding.

This is my entry from the 27th week of Monochrome Madness Challenge put on by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky. I have found it somewhat difficult to convert yellow flowers to black and white on several occasions. The highlights can get a blown out look. This image looked great in black and white but to me it seemed to be missing something. I lowered the opacity some in order to allow some of the yellow from the colored layer to come through.

You will find a great collection of monochrome images later today when the rest of the Monochrome Madness Challenge is posted on Leanne’s blog (click the link above). Each week artist from across the world send in their submissions. I promise that you will not regret taking some time to browse the collection.

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3 Responses to Whorled Rosinweed With a Visitor

  1. Robyn G says:

    James, I think you processed it beautifully. Its one that stood out to me today.
    Lovely capture 🙂


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