KatydidLast week while I was at Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve in Cherry Valley Illinois I saw many insects fluttering and climbing about the beautiful wildflowers. I think that I notice these small creatures much more since I began to take photography seriously.

This Katydid was clinging close to the stalk of the plant when I first saw it. I think I watched it for nearly five minutes before I started taking its photograph. When I processed the photo I chose to lower the saturation opposed to increasing it. The greens where very powerful and bright. Over all I am very happy with the results.

Tomorrow I have planned a trip to Starved Rock State Park here in Illinois. I have never been to this park before so I am quite excited. I am also a little ashamed of myself because this park is only about an hour drive from where I live. Anyway the park is highly regarded and considered the #1 attraction in the state.

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