Litter Ruins Photographs

Starved Rock (47)Yesterday I spent about 8 hours at Starved Rock State Park here in Illinois. It rained for the first couple of hours and got hot and humid afterwards. The rain and heat did not bother me so much. I was however bothered by the large amounts of trash laying around. I have noticed some trash in my local forest preserves as well, but the amount of litter laying around Starved Rock really bothered me.

I love that many people visit state parks and local forest preserves. I hate that they either can not read the signs that say “Last Trash Can. Bring Out What You Take In” or they just ignore them. I will go ahead and guess that it is mostly the second option. Come on people an empty water bottle weighs very little. Carry a small back pack and put in there until you get back to the trash can.

Nothing ruins a photograph more than realizing that there is an empty water bottle bobbing in the pool at the bottom of a beautiful water fall. There is a water fall not 25 feet away from the pile of refuse in the above photograph.

Sorry for the rant. I need to clear my thoughts. As for the beautiful photographs, I will be posting them soon. This weekend is my 20 year high school reunion and I am a little busier than usual. I am also trying out some new post processing techniques.

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