More From Starved Rock

As promised here are some more photographs from my first excursion to Starved Rock State Park here in Illinois. My little buddy Lemmy decided to play a fantastic game of hide and seek last night. We did get him back this morning and I’m very worn out. I apologize for the lack of descriptive writing for this post but I feel the most of the photos will stand on their own. Enjoy the gallery!

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7 Responses to More From Starved Rock

  1. Carrie says:

    Love the waterfall image from the top. Really cool! Looks like a beautiful place to enjoy.


  2. pixie says:

    Wow. Awesome photos. What camera do you use? The butterfly is my favourite.


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  4. LaurelCr8s says:

    Gorgeous! You have captured Starved Rock… Especially the waterfall.


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