Butterfly at Starved Rock in Monochrome

Butterfly at Starved Rock in MonochromeToday’s task for blogging 101 is to choose a name for your blog and come up with a tag line. Well I have both of those already and I like them for now. My name is indeed James Keegan and I am on a journey into photography. 🙂 I may change the name to  James Keegan Photography in the future.

Today is also Monochrome Madness Challenge day. I’m not sure I turned in my image in a timely manner but I wanted to post it anyways. Some of you may recognize the image of the butterfly from my post “More From Starved Rock“. When I was originally processing the image I liked the image both in color and in mono and I could not keep them from you all.

Monochrome Madness was started by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky to work on taking better monochrome photographs. They decided to invite others to partake in the challenge also. For more information and to see all the entries check out Leanne Cole’s blog later today (usually after 3PM central time).

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2 Responses to Butterfly at Starved Rock in Monochrome

  1. Mike Powell says:

    I really like your photo today. Generally I think that black-and-white is not suitable for this type of photography, but the tonal difference between the butterfly and the rest of this scene makes this work well. (By the way, your new title for your blog is similar to the one I chose, with my name, the and the idea of a journey–great minds think alike.)


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