TurtleI came across this small traveler the other day when I was out scouting for an up and coming photo shoot. I just had to stop and visit with him or her, I’m not sure how to tell on a turtle. Oh yeah and I did say photo shoot! More on that to come in the future. Sorry to keep you all in suspense for a while.

Anyway today’s Blogging 101 assignment is: add and/or customize two widgets, one text-based and one image-based. I’ve been at this for a little while already so I have a few widgets going currently. I did however add the Blogging University badge on the side bar. I like the looks of it and it is a link also. In the near future I will be adding some other links on the side bar as well. Happy Friday all!

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1 Response to Turtle

  1. Where I live we have turtles crossing the road all the time. I have to stop and take them off the road and put them on the grass near the little brook, otherwise, the other drivers run them over. They’re snappers, so I’ve gotten pretty good at not getting snapped. However, I have no idea how to tell what sex they are. I love to appreciate them, though. It makes the day so much better when I get to see them.


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