In to the Light (Number 2)

In to the Light Number 2If there is a number 1 there must be a number 2. Or so I was told once, although I think it was in reference to an outline. I intentionally held this photograph back. I had intended it to be last week’s MMC entry. I’m still not quite sure I like the way that it comes across in black and white. For your viewing pleasure today ……………both versions of the image. Feel free to share your opinions of which image you like more or if you think the black and white does work. As for tomorrow I did indeed turn in a different image for MMC (Monochrome Madness Challenge).

In to the Light Number 2_monoToday’s Blogging 101 assignment is: share a few links you love. It goes a little more in to detail, but what it really wants is for us to add links to other bloggers the we read such as a blog roll or the blogs I follow widget.

I already have the blogs that I follow showing so I’ve chosen to edit this a bit. The blogs I follow shows the blogs in order of the most recent follow. I have made the number that I show on this widget lower so that I could add a blog roll with some of my favorites as well.

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9 Responses to In to the Light (Number 2)

  1. It’s very interesting in black and white, but I like this picture best in colour. I really like the rays of light 🙂


  2. Mike Powell says:

    I think that I prefer the color version. It looks like the shadows got lightened a bit in the black-and-white version, which seems a bit washed out by comparison.


  3. I like the photo in black and white. It gives it a mystical feeling. Either way, its a beautiful photo.


  4. Wonderful capture of light in this photo. Thanks for the follow!


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