Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Read about the vest then tell me how you think it got in the tree.

“Lost and Found” seemed to be an accurate title for this photograph. When I came across this vest hanging off of a small tree branch I found it both comical and thought provoking. At first I chuckled then I started wondering how it got there.  Even now as I write this post different ways that that vest found its way on to that branch are popping into my head.

I will tell you all what I believe to be the most logical reason for the vest being in the tree. Then I want you to leave a comment with how you think it got in the tree. Sound fun?

This park and it’s trails are open for horse back riding. I think that the vest fell off the back of someone’s saddle unbeknownst to them. Leaving it lay on the ground for when the forest preserve maintenance crew came across it while cutting the grass. The maintenance person picked it up and tossed it in the tree so not to mow over it.

This is what i think to be the most likely sorry of the vest. Although I think there can be much more fun ways that the vest made it to the tree. Have some fun now and tell me in the comments how you think the vest got in the tree.

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3 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. AprilEsutton says:

    I immediately thought back to school days when some bully would steal an article of clothing and couldn’t take it home, so tossed it on their way. Not anywhere the owner would likely find it. Your story is nicer.


  2. Perhaps someone in celebration of the harvest gods decided to run through the fields naked and this was the first item he removed. There are probably more pieces of clothing as you go further into the tall grasses. His problem may be in finding the discarded items he threw off in such abandonment. He could be in there for quite a while.


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