2 Barns on the Corner

2 Barns on the CornerThese barns are on the corner of an intersection not all that far from my home. I have been driving past them for more than ten years. You may even recognize them from last Friday’s post, My first Heartland Heritage weekly feature.

Over the last year or so since I’ve started seeing my surroundings in a different light, they stand out more to me. Its not that they are in a state of disrepair, I think that the way the sun light brings out the colors of the layers of roofing materials and the missing paint. Now that the corn has been harvested it is much easier to see these barns.

This is also my entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge brought to us by Laura Macky and Leanne Cole. Each week participants from around the globe send in their monochrome work. It has been a treat to see the growth of all the artists as well as new additions along the way. To see all the entries visit Leanne Cole’s Blog later today (usually around 3P.M. central time).

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8 Responses to 2 Barns on the Corner

  1. I love old barns and your photo is stunning.


    • James Keegan says:

      Thank you Iris. I take a lot of photographs of these barns. I try new techniques out here often. The other people passing by probably say look that crazy guy is taking pictures again.


  2. Carrie says:

    I can see why you stop and take photos here, there is a lot of character in these beautiful barns. They come alive in monochrome. We are on a similar wavelength today, my MMC image is also with a barn theme 🙂 I haven’t lived close to farmlands since I was in college, years ago, I love watching the storms churn over their expanse here. What a treat.


  3. Great image! I have a fondness for old barns.


  4. AprilEsutton says:

    Stunning in black and white. A lovely image.


  5. Robyn G says:

    Yes I too love old barns with all their character. A great shot and fabulous entry for MM 😊


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