Heartland Heritage: Flagg Road Barn (3 images)

Flagg Road Barn_0149

I drive past this barn often while working. The Sky was an ugly sold grey that looked as if it could snow at any time.

Flagg Road Barn_0150

I find it strange that it sits all by its self. I can only guess that the farmer that owns it has many plots of land and just uses this barn to store a few things.

Flagg Road Barn_0151

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7 Responses to Heartland Heritage: Flagg Road Barn (3 images)

  1. I have a bit of a thing for barns that could develop into an obsession if I allowed it (which I don’t as I have ample nerdy obsessions as it is). Anyway, I can see why you were so taken with this one as the shape of it is very interesting and it’s position beside that large tree works really well compositionally. I like what the leaden sky does to the tonality of the images.


  2. What a fantastic find. It’s almost as if the tree was planted to make for a better composition.


  3. vedaeddy says:

    I, too, love old barns. This is a great barn as the architecture is not the usual kind I see. I like the middle photo the best, but they are all great.


  4. wonderful views and a great old barn!


  5. I think the lifeless sky adds to the bleakness and really works here.

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