I had some computer issues yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to make my post. I had intended to split these images up over a couple of days. The photographs are from three of the waterfalls that can be found in Starved Rock State Park here in Illinois.

I took a 6 mile hike and stopped at Wildcat, LaSalle, and French Canyons. The day I was there a couple of the trails were closed due to dangerous conditions. This winter has been pretty mild as far as precipitation goes. I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of these ice formations. My only regret is that the sky was overcast limiting the light a bit.

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12 Responses to Frozen

  1. Leanne Cole says:

    I could look at photos like this every day Jimmy, simply stunning. How do they freeze like that. Nothing like that happens in Australia.


  2. Carrie says:

    Really beautiful, James. That first one is a stunner. There are others in the mix that are extra special too. I love the one at the end where you can see the pile up of ice, like it froze in mid-flow. Ice is beautiful, especially like this. Thank you for sharing these!


  3. Wow! What a spectacular sight. Your photos of it are stunning.


  4. I had pc issues too James!! My hard drive failed!! These are most excellent and wonderful my friend. Mother Nature is so incredible and your shots do her justice!


  5. Boeta says:

    wonderful shots, stunning


  6. Amazing photographs. We don’t see things like that here in Queensland, Australia.


  7. Great collection! The first is my favorite. I haven’t seen a waterfall completely frozen before.


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