More From LaSalle Canyon

LaSalle Canyon_0127

I had a different photograph for today but I have decided to hold off on that one so that I could show a couple other shots from LaSalle Canyon. Yesterday I showed a black & white image that I had taken from standing behind this waterfall for Monochrome Madness (click here if you missed it).

This canyon and the others at Starved Rock State Park here in Illinois were carved into the sandstone by a glacier. Sandstone is soft and porous which allows the flowing waterfalls to easily manipulate the landscape.  At various times of the year the water flow changes depending on the amount of precipitation. I had made a trip to this waterfall during the summer to find it barely trickling. Below I will leave you with some other photos from LaSalle Canyon that I have previously posted. Hopefully you will be able to see that you can indeed walk all the way behind this lovely waterfall.

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