Heartland Heritage: Twombly Road Farm

Twombly Road Corn Crib_0003

You may remember this corn crib from last week’s Heartland Heritage post. I was having some difficulties with my computer last week and I had to rush to get the post up before I was due at work. After tinkering with my computer a bit and getting it to perform a little better, I took another look at the photographs from the Twombly Road farm.

Twombly Road Farm_0001I felt that leaving you all with just the one photograph last week did not seem right to me somehow. That showing only the corn crib was like a teaser. Enjoy the Twombly Road Farm today. The temperature is slowly going up here which will allow me to get out more often and visit some more remote locations for future posts. I will leave you with a gallery that will also include last weeks photo. Have a great weekend!

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One Response to Heartland Heritage: Twombly Road Farm

  1. Great images and a bit sad too!!


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