Ice Dam

Ice Dam_0018

It is very cold and windy today, roughly 10F/-12C with a windchill of around -19F/-28C. I was taking my son to his friend’s house and the sun was out, so I figured what the heck. I bundled up and grabbed my gear. On the way home I stopped off at Kishwaukee River Forest Preserve. It is down in a slight valley so I was hoping the wind wouldn’t be too bad.

I stayed for about an hour.   The river was not frozen over, but there were chunks of ice floating down stream and building up ice dams. The photograph above is a close up shot. I also happened to see quite a few birds out today including a bald eagle. I’m not so great at photographing birds yet.

It looks like the cold temperatures will be hanging around for a while. This February has been cold. It is not uncommon for it to reach into the 50’s and 60’s ( Fahrenheit) at times. I have an extra day off of work this week and I’m thinking that I will be able to get out a couple more times this week, although they will have to be short outings due to the cold.

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