Forming the Ice Dam (2 photos)

Bits of Ice Floating_0015

I thought I would show how the Ice Dam from Saturday’s image was formed. This is more for the folks that live in warmer climates and don’t get to see ice often.

It starts with bits of ice floating down the river like in the photo above. Eventually these bits will catch on to something like a fallen branch or other ice that has formed near the edges of the river where the water is more shallow.

Forming Ice Dam_0010As the pieces of ice build upon each other they block more and more of the river until there is a pile that goes from one side to the other. Coincidentally these ice dams also can be very interesting to look at.

This particular ice dam is small and won’t cause any damage. On a larger river it is possible for the ice dams to block the flow of water completely causing flooding and other problems (ice vs. house etc…).

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2 Responses to Forming the Ice Dam (2 photos)

  1. Carrie says:

    Really cool, thanks for sharing this. I have seen rivers damned with ice but never the before/after.


  2. Interesting post. Thanks!


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