Great Day Part Two: Bald Eagles (5 photos)

Bald Eagle Flying_0191First Let me point out that there are 5 photographs in this post. As I mentioned yesterday it turns out that there are three Bald Eagles living in the Kishwaukee River Forest Preserve that is not far from my house.

Bald Eagle Flying_Silhouette_0130It is very cold here but the river is not frozen over which makes it a convenient nesting grounds for the Eagles. The Kishwaukee River is not all that deep which lead me to believe that fish may not be in abundance here. After doing a little research I discovered that Bald Eagles will also prey on ducks. There are definitely plenty of those along this stretch of the river.

Bald Eagle_0066I spent well over an hour following  these magnificent birds along the river. They gave me plenty of opportunity to practice photographing them in flight as did the ducks. I think I discarded somewhere around 75 completely blurry photos.

Juvenile Bald Eagle in Flight_0122The eagles consist of a mated couple and a juvenile. I am assuming that the juvenile is an offspring of the mates. I did witness the youngster flying in tandem with one of the adults.

Bald Eagle Mates_0143I’m not sure how long these lovely birds will stay here before they most likely head north for the summer. The temperatures will be cold for at least another week. Now that I know where they are nesting (thanks to a kind woman walking her dogs) I will keep an eye out on them. I will be trying to catch them early in the morning, perhaps hunting.

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4 Responses to Great Day Part Two: Bald Eagles (5 photos)

  1. The photos you got of the birds in flight are wonderful. I especially love the one with the snowy sky background the patterns of the underside of the feathers are visible.


  2. Boeta says:

    Wonderful, sounds like you also loved the process and following, just as important.


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