Mallard Movement


It is still very cold here in the Midwest. It was a whopping 3 degrees the day I took this photograph of some Mallards floating with some Canada Geese. I knew that these birds would be at this location and with it being cold I didn’t have a large amount of time to watch them.

My goal was to try and capture the ducks in poses other than the normal floating on the water. To do this I had to crank up the shutter speed and used high ISO due to the limited light (It was an hour before sun down in a wooded area). Also setting the camera on burst mode to help capture the movement. I have several shots of these ducks and some of the geese as well.

For this image I had to do some cropping in order to remove some cut off geese that were distractions on the edges of the photograph. It also helped to slightly move the duck with its wings open from the center of the image.

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