Heartland Heritage: Vacant Farm

Vacant Farm_0004

I’m pretty sure that I’ve driven past this vacant farm before. Since I began my journey into photography last March I believe that my eyes have opened up. What I mean is, I see more of everything.

Take this farm for instance. The were hundreds of whitetail deer in the fields around this vacant farm when I drove by with a friend Saturday night. Not only did I see the deer but I was just as excited about the condition of this old farm as well. I can assure you that there will be many more photographs featuring this location over the next several months. I leave you with a small gallery of three of my favorite shots from my first excursion to this beauty.

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11 Responses to Heartland Heritage: Vacant Farm

  1. lauramacky says:

    Nicely composed and processed James.


  2. Carrie says:

    Great potential at this location, looking forward to getting to know this farm through your lens James. It is a really beautiful farm, the light is lovely too.


  3. Full of old character! wonderful shot!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dina says:

    Great gallery, wonderful set of photos!


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