Heartland Heritage: Still Standing Revisited

Mulford Rd Barn Early Spring 2015I thought I would stop by this property and photograph this one while it is still here. I have seen some activity around it over the last month or so, and I’m thinking that it will be gone soon.

On October 31st of 2014 I posted the first Heartland Heritage post featuring this barn and another located on the same property. I termed the post and photo “Still Standing” for obvious reasons. If you didn’t get to see the post I have included a link to it.

I did edit this image more than I usually do. The winter weather is still hanging on here for the time being. Everything is gloomy looking and seems as if the colors have been sapped away. Flowers are starting to pop up out of the ground and there are hints of green in the dormant grass.

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6 Responses to Heartland Heritage: Still Standing Revisited

  1. Nice find and capture. (I happen to have an old barn image with the same title however it was torn down about a year ago. Maybe I should change the title?)


  2. Carrie says:

    I really like your processing choices with this image. What a beautiful scene. Yes, it is dilapidated and amazing that it is actually still standing but it sure makes for a great photo! I wonder if the farm owners would enjoy this image, I know I would if it was my farm.


  3. the sky and the colour is wonderful in this!


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