Path of Destruction #1

Path of Destruction #1_0051

I’ve been at a loss for words since the massive tornado went through our area last Thursday. I haven’t been allowed into the area’s that suffered the most damage, but I have seen many videos from friends and their family members. I had my camera with me Friday morning as I went to the bank before heading to work. I could not believe some of the things that I have seen from this powerful storm.

I put my camera away when I came to a house that had been severely damaged, because the family that lives there was already hard at work picking through debris trying to save as much as possible. It hit me at that moment that it really wasn’t the time to be taking pictures. I won’t be showing many of these photos but this  is one of the ones that shows some of the strength of this particular tornado. The car was approximately 50 feet out in a cornfield.

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3 Responses to Path of Destruction #1

  1. How absolutely devastating for all those affected.


  2. what a powerful image- frightening!

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