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MM 2-18 : Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

This female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak (Pheucticus ludovicianus) slowly crept closer to me, almost like it wanted me to photograph it. Then as it got real close it flew off. Such a tease! Each week Leanne Cole hosts Monochrome Madness over on … Continue reading

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American Redstart

I believe that this is a femaleĀ  American Redstart (Setophaga ruticilla). I’m not 100% sure, it looks like it may be a juvenile. It’s still a little fuzzy. I finally had a beautiful weekend off of work and had some … Continue reading

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Bird Sitting on Birdhouse

As I said yesterday I took several photographs of this little bird. Clearly it was watching me also. I was attracted to the shininess of the blue feathers. Have a great day!

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MM 2-16

I took several photos of this bird sitting on its house. Usually they are flying around so fast you can get a shot of them. The sunlight was hitting it just right and the blue was nice and bright. I … Continue reading

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Blue-winged Teal

I came across this Blue-winged Teal during my last visit to Deer Run Forest Preserve. I’m not sure if they are new to this area or if my previous unaware self just never saw them. I have another species that … Continue reading

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Afternoon with Geese

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time with two Canada Geese. They were on the bank of the Kishwaukee River at the Kilbuck Bluffs Forest Preserve. I watched and photographed them from several different angles to the river. It was clear … Continue reading

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Migrating Ducks

I have two photographs for you today. They are not my best b any means, but I wanted to show you that if you are aware of your surroundings you might just see something different. The other day while I … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall This fawn stays near the fence which is in fact its “wall” to the safe haven where it lives.

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Whitetail Deer Grazing

Sunday evening I ventured back to a vacant farm that I had seen the previous night while driving with a friend. It just so happened that this location also had somewhere around 100 whitetail deer grazing in the fields around … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange The tops of the trees were lit in orange as the sun lowered in the sky and the whitetail deer ran back to the tree line to hide from me. I did warm this photo up … Continue reading

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